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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Buzz Word

Envirolet at Cottage Life Fall Show

Posted by Scott

Envirolet composting toilet systems will be on display this upcoming weekend (November 2, 3 and 4) at the 2007 Cottage Life Fall Show at the International Centre just outside of Toronto.

This show is in Hall 5 and we are in Aisle 500, Booth 519. More details:

Show Hours:
Friday, November 2: Noon - 9p
Saturday, November 3: 10a - 6p
Sunday, November 4: 10a - 5p

Hall 5, International Centre
6900 Airport Rd. at Derry Rd.
Toronto, Ontario

Buy your tickets online here and save $1 off regular admission.

Be sure to come and visit us!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Envirolet in Vermont: "Thanks for a great product that serves an important need!"

Posted by Scott

Linda in Vermont sent some wonderful photos of her Envirolet Waterless Remote System installation that solved the sanitation issue at her family cottage this summer. They had a failed septic system that needed replacement so that is where Envirolet came to the rescue.

“Our lake front camp on Lake Champlain was built over 50 years ago, primarily on rock. Re-doing the failed original septic system to current code was not an option. The entire extended family co-ordinated summer vacation schedules to install the Envirolet 120vac Waterless Remote. What had been a serious concern for all (we do enjoy being able to use indoor facilities!), is now solved.

Any and all questions were kindly and knowledgeable answered whenever asked. We are all expecting another 50 years of family good times. Thanks for a great product that serves an important need! We are happy to share our solution with any and all that are interested in listening.”

Linda and family

Envirolet in Vermont
Waterless Remote Tank below the cottage

Envirolet in Vermont
Lake Champlain

Envirolet in Vermont
The cottage

Envirolet in Vermont
The cottage

Envirolet in Vermont
The cottage

Thanks, Linda! We appreciate the time it took to send in your photos and comments. Glad Envirolet was able to solve your cottage sanitation issues!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Envirolet in BC: "We are very satisfied."

Posted by Scott

“We have had an Envirolet Toilet installed at this Summer House at Peter Hope Lake in British Columbia for four years now. Our Unit has a 12 volt exhaust Fan (we are not on the hydro grid). We experienced some concerns initially in not fully understanding how these toilets function. After talking to you during which I received much needed information, we have had great results. We are very satisfied.”

Donald D.

Envirolet in BC Cottage

Thanks to Donald in BC for sending in a nice photo of his cottage that houses an Envirolet composting toilet system and for his comments.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Toilet-Shaped House

Posted by Scott

Here’s a fun one. One of the more popular posts on Greenthinkers last week featured a toilet-shaped house! Check it out.

Toilet-Shaped House

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Envirolet in Virginia: "making 'roughing it' so much easier."

Posted by Scott

Thanks to Helen in Virginia for sending wonderful photos and comments about her non-electric Envirolet Basic Plus composting toilet system that is installed for use at her cabin.


My husband and I purchased a mountain property with a small 14’ X 16’ cabin in 2004. Our first priority was to get our composting toilet from Envirolet. Being off the grid with no water, we decided to go with the basic non-electric, non-flushing unit, knowing that we could upgrade later if we ever got electricity.

The Toilet arrived in short time and installation was easy. The hardest part was building the outhouse to hold it. We have never experienced an odor problem, and the unit has worked very well for us. We are even considering adding on to the cabin and moving it indoors.

Thanks so much Envirolet for making our ‘roughing it’ so much easier.”

Helen C.



Thanks again, Helen! We appreciate it.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Envirolet MS10 in Sweden

Posted by Scott

Thanks to Eric for sending in some photos of his Envirolet MS10 composting toilet system installation in his cottage in Sweden. He added some extra insulation to his inside venting to combat the cold winters!


View a slideshow below of all the photos below.

Thanks for sending the photos in! Send us your Envirolet story so we can post on Buzz!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In-the-Field Photos: Emptying an Envirolet

Posted by Scott

People often ask what it is like to empty an Envirolet composting toilet.

The emptied compost Well, thanks to Sheila and Peter in Alberta you can see from an end-user point-of-view what it is like. They sent us some great photos of the emptying process for their Envirolet Basic Plus (Non-Electric) composting toilet system.

Here is what they said:

“Our composting toilet really is easy to clean - no gloves needed, no odour. We truly love it! Here are photos to show how easy it is.”

Peter and Sheila

The photos are all organized in a slide show below. The captions were provided by the customer.

As you can see, emptying an Envirolet is an easy and clean process!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Envirolet Replaces Outhouse at 9200 Feet!

Posted by Scott

Bill sent us some kind words and great photos from 9200 feet up in Colorado where an Envirolet Basic Plus replaced his “cramped, cold outhouse.” The Basic Plus is a waterless, non-electric composting toilet system that uses a Wind Turbine Ventilator to speed up the evaporation and aeration process, which in turn speeds up the composting process.

“Hello .. I got my Envirolet in and love it … no odor or cramped, cold outhouse. Took about a 1/2 hour to install .. Look forward to the next use! Thanks.”

Clear Creek County, Colorado - 9200 feet up!

Envirolet BP Colorado

Envirolet BP Colorado

Envirolet BP Colorado

Thanks, Bill! We appreciate the time you took to send in your comments. Glad Envirolet was able to provide a solution. And, what a great view!

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Envirolet in Garage Loft has "provided the solution."

Posted by Scott

Ron & Bonnie in Ontario sent us a nice photo of their Envirolet MS10 waterless composting toilet system installed in a garage loft.

“Thank you Envirolet. We have a loft above our garage at the lake and were not allowed to run water to it. You provided the solution with the stand alone electric Envirolet.”

Thanks again,
Ron & Bonnie

Envirolet MS10 in garage

Thanks, Ron and Bonnie! We appreciate hearing your comments!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Envirolet in Wisconsin: "The Greatest Toilet"

Posted by Scott

Thanks to Karl in Wisconsin for sending us an email (subject: “The greatest toilet”) with some awesome comments and photos of his Envirolet Waterless Remote Composting Toilet System.

“Thank you Envirolet for my indoor out-house. I tried using the gas station down the road (9 miles away); tried using the country park (4 miles away which always seemed to be closed for maintenance). Even had a port-a-john with service (clean out cost $70.00 a month, in 2nd week she started to get pretty full). My cabin is only 15’ X 24’ so I wasn’t sure that I wanted to put a bathroom in the cabin - too close for comfort.

So I was looking at different system that are out there but, when I saw the Envirolet waterless system and read other testimonials I thought, I need to give the Envirolet system a try. The system was easily installed within 2 hours and ready for use.

I was a little worried about a big camping week with ten couples. Well I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself or I should say I didn’t smell it at all! The system was a hit.

Best Regards,
Karl from Wisconsin

Envirolet WRS in Wisconsin

Envirolet WRS in Wisconsin

Envirolet WRS in Wisconsin

Read the rest of this entry to see some more photos.

Thanks, Karl! We appreciate it.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Envirolet Provides 16+ Years of Reliability

Posted by Scott

Ken in Ontario sent us a couple nice photos of his newer Envirolet Waterless Remote Composting Toilet System. It is their second Envirolet System. The last gave them over 16 years of reliability.


My wife and I purchased our first Envirolet (self-contained unit) in winter of 1991 and have had 16 years of reliability.

We recently purchased a waterless remote system to update and am sending in some pictures of the installation. We are in the process of renovating so the bathroom isn’t finished yet. Here’s to 16+ more years of a good and reliable unit!

Ken S.
Muskoka, Ontario

Envirolet Waterless Toilet in Muskoka

Envirolet WRS in Muskoka

Thanks, Ken! We appreciate the photos and comments. And, we really appreciate that you are a happy repeat customer!

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Saturday, October 6, 2007
Buzz Word

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada!

Posted by Scott

Wishing everyone in Canada (and elsewhere!) a very Happy Thanksgiving!


And, good luck to those closing up their cottages this weekend!

Please note that our offices will be closed on Monday for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Monday, October 1, 2007
Ban the Flush

Facing Drought? We Have the Solution.

Posted by Scott

BUZZ WORD Facing drought in California, solutions are needed. From Yahoo! News:

“For half a century the saltwater lake had slaked the thirst of the urban sprawl of several million that is Los Angeles and its surrounding area, with tributaries flowing into the lake diverted towards the city.

The result of decades of plundering Mono Lake’s water supply were devastating. A key island in the center of the lake became a peninsula as water levels receded, exposing nesting grounds of gulls to hungry coyotes and forcing the birds to leave.”

Monday, October 1, 2007

Envirolet MS10 in BC: "What a HUGE difference this made."

Posted by Scott

big thanks to Nancy in BC for sending us her comments and a wonderful photo of her Envirolet MS10 waterless composting toilet system.

Nancy writes:


We replaced our stinky out house toilet (hole in ground) with your waterless Envirolet toilet. What a HUGE difference this made. We no longer have to re-dig a hole when it gets full, nor do we have to walk 100m into the forest to use the toilet due to proximity to the water well. We had the outhouse building moved near our recreational trailer and installed the Envirolet.

There is no odor, disposal of the dry waste is easy, and the seat is comfortable. We plug the toilet in when we arrive for our weekend visits and turn it off when we leave – hassle free. Thank you for developing this environmentally friendly option to the old out house!

We would sure like to have a free jar of compost accelerator for this fabulous picture and testimony of our Envirolet composting, waterless toilet.”

Nancy G.
British Columbia, Canada

Pender Island Envirolet out house

Thanks again, Nancy! We appreciate it. Send us your Envirolet story and get some free accessories too!