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Monday, October 1, 2007

Envirolet MS10 in BC: "What a HUGE difference this made."

big thanks to Nancy in BC for sending us her comments and a wonderful photo of her Envirolet MS10 waterless composting toilet system.

Nancy writes:


We replaced our stinky out house toilet (hole in ground) with your waterless Envirolet toilet. What a HUGE difference this made. We no longer have to re-dig a hole when it gets full, nor do we have to walk 100m into the forest to use the toilet due to proximity to the water well. We had the outhouse building moved near our recreational trailer and installed the Envirolet.

There is no odor, disposal of the dry waste is easy, and the seat is comfortable. We plug the toilet in when we arrive for our weekend visits and turn it off when we leave – hassle free. Thank you for developing this environmentally friendly option to the old out house!

We would sure like to have a free jar of compost accelerator for this fabulous picture and testimony of our Envirolet composting, waterless toilet.”

Nancy G.
British Columbia, Canada

Pender Island Envirolet out house

Thanks again, Nancy! We appreciate it. Send us your Envirolet story and get some free accessories too!