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Monday, October 1, 2007
Ban the Flush

Facing Drought? We Have the Solution.

BUZZ WORD Facing drought in California, solutions are needed. From Yahoo! News:

“For half a century the saltwater lake had slaked the thirst of the urban sprawl of several million that is Los Angeles and its surrounding area, with tributaries flowing into the lake diverted towards the city.

The result of decades of plundering Mono Lake’s water supply were devastating. A key island in the center of the lake became a peninsula as water levels receded, exposing nesting grounds of gulls to hungry coyotes and forcing the birds to leave.”

What is being done?

“Angelenos, who use on average of 140 gallons of water every day, have been forced to adapt.

David Nahai president of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power commission admitted that ensuring enough water to meet demand was a constant challenge. “I’d be lying if I said that this was an easy process,” Nahai said. But today, I think we’re quite proud of our achievements.”

More efficient toilet flushes, shower heads, taps and washing machines had all helped to reduce consumption along with greater recycling of water used for watering, Nahai said.

Nevertheless, water supplies are always going to be problematic for a city which borders the vast desert interior of the western United States.”

What more could be done?

We have a solution, at least to the toilet & sanitation use of water. An Envirolet waterless or low water toilet uses from no water at all to as low as 0.2L per flush. Using an Envirolet would drastically reduce the amount of water used for flushing. Time to start exploring different options California!