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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Envirolet in Virginia: "making 'roughing it' so much easier."

Thanks to Helen in Virginia for sending wonderful photos and comments about her non-electric Envirolet Basic Plus composting toilet system that is installed for use at her cabin.


My husband and I purchased a mountain property with a small 14’ X 16’ cabin in 2004. Our first priority was to get our composting toilet from Envirolet. Being off the grid with no water, we decided to go with the basic non-electric, non-flushing unit, knowing that we could upgrade later if we ever got electricity.

The Toilet arrived in short time and installation was easy. The hardest part was building the outhouse to hold it. We have never experienced an odor problem, and the unit has worked very well for us. We are even considering adding on to the cabin and moving it indoors.

Thanks so much Envirolet for making our ‘roughing it’ so much easier.”

Helen C.



Thanks again, Helen! We appreciate it.

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