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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"The Martha's Vineyard Killer" & Her Envirolet Low Water Remote

Cynthia Thanks to Cynthia Riggs, known on Martha’s Vineyard tours as the “The Martha’s Vineyard Killer,” who was kind enough to send us some photos of her Envirolet® Low Water Remote System (Non-Electric) installation on her land-locked 37’ boat.

Killer? That’s right! Cynthia has poisoned, knifed, blown up, shot, or bludgeoned about two dozen people — in her murder mystery novels!

Check our her web site and her books on Amazon.com.

“To Envirolet Buzz:

Small installations? Try a land based wooden boat named Victorious, a 1967 37-foot Egg Harbor sport fisherman that’s going to need years of work before she can put to sea. In the meantime, she’s parked in a pasture on Martha’s Vineyard where she’s being used as an office. The nearest toilet was far away until we installed the Envirolet. No fans, no moving parts, simply flush with water from a container (no water connection on board as yet).”

Cynthia R.

Envirolet LWRS on Martha's Vineyard

Photo 1. Victorious, 1967 37-foot Egg Harbor sport fisherman in her long-term parking, a pasture on Martha’s Vineyard. The white pipe is the ventilation unit topped by a wind-driven fan.

Envirolet LWRS on Martha's Vineyard

Photo 2. Interior of Victorious. The bathroom, or “head”, is between the settee and the steps. The head has shower, sink, and toilet in a 4’ x 4’ space. Can’t get much more compact than this.

Envirolet LWRS on Martha's Vineyard

Photo 3. Envirolet in place on Victorious. Sink and shower are to the right.

Thanks again, Cynthia. And, maybe you can include Envirolet® in one of your stories!