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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Envirolet in Washington "has worked out terrifically."

Another Envirolet® solving sanitation issues and making life more enjoyable at the cabin! This Envirolet® MS10 Composting Toilet System is in Washington and Nicholas was kind enough to send in some photos and a testimonial.

“Hi! I’ve attached 2 photos of our Envirolet installation in our sleeping cabin.

Testimonial: We built a sleeping cabin on our property for our friends and family who would come to visit. At first, anyone wanting to use the bathroom had to come into our house (often during single digit weather).

Plumbing the cabin the traditional way just wasn’t practical, so we installed an Envirolet toilet and a portable self-contained sink. This has worked out terrifically, and our guests are very pleased…and impressed with our composting toilet.

Nicholas A.

Envirolet MS10 in Washington

Envirolet MS10 in Washington

Thanks for the testimonial and photos, Nicholas! We appreciate it.

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