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Monday, December 10, 2007

Envirolet in Washington: "We love it."

An Envirolet® in Washington is helping keep the water clean for the clams and oysters!

Thanks to Tom for sending in photos and a testimonial about his Envirolet® Waterless Remote Composting Toilet System (120VAC) installation. A great feature of the Envirolet® Waterless Remote is that it does not require a drain for excess liquids.

“We installed our Envirolet composting toilet in Washington where we’ve built a vacation cabin on an acre of waterfront in a saltwater estuary on the Puget Sound. Since we have some of the best tasting, cleanest clams and oysters in the state on our beach, we want to keep them that way. So we decided on a composting toilet.

It’s been great! The “biffy” stands up to the needs of our family, small groups, and occasional larger parties with no problem. We love it. I’ve enclosed some pictures.

Tom C.

Envirolet in Washington

Envirolet in Washington

Thanks, Tom! We appreciate it.

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