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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Envirolet Provides 15 Years of Service

BUZZ WORD Alex sent us some very detailed comments about his recent experience with his Envirolet® and our Customer Service Team. His fans needed replacement after 15 years of reliable service and he was able to get the parts to his cottage in less than 24 hours before a long weekend! Another advantage of dealing factory direct with the manufacturer!

Alex writes:


Better late than never,

We were at the cottage for our annual vacation of 3 weeks in the Kawarthas, Ontario. It was Thursday, August 30, 2007 and the Labour Day long weekend was starting the following day and my in-laws arriving on the upcoming Saturday from Quebec for the weekend. 2 sister-in-laws and my mother in-law in tow, our Envirolet in our cottage (we are too close to the water for a septic tank) stopped working. One of the fans was Kaput! Great timing, the ladies are not big fans (ha ha) of the outhouse. It’s approximately 11:30 am Thursday, 2 days before their arrival for their weekend stay, my wife was not the happiest of people, I was freaking.

Our Envirolet was approximately 15 years old, never failed us, but NOW!

I located the toll free phone number on the container of microbes, called and was greeted by a cheerful voice of a customer service person, whose name was Petra.

Works-in-a-Drawer Box

I explained my dilemma to her, she was very professional and made me feel at ease. Was there hope? She suggested the “Works in a Box.” [Buzz Note: The Envirolet® Works-in-a-Drawer™ Box is an easy to remove electrical box that houses all electrical components.] The unit being so old, could have other issues, if not now, possibly in the future. The unit did not owe us anything. It had done it’s work, extremely well, with no issue’s at all. Father Time.

Petra and I decided that would be the best thing to do. Change the Works in a Box.

So I thought great, once the weekend rush was gone, remember it was Thursday before a long weekend, I could not go pick up the unit so I figured by the following Tuesday or Wednesday, the fix would arrive, all would be well for my wife, a little late, but hey with one day before the weekend, what do you expect!

Petra was very understanding, could feel my anguish and my concerns, suggests to me she would try to get THE BOX to my cottage before the weekend. Yeah right! Its afternoon, Thursday! I was hopping it would happen, Petra sounded confident that it could.

I was expecting a crazy amount for next day delivery.It wasn’t the case. She told me the amount again, NO UP CHARGE, unheard of in todays times. She promised to call me Friday morning.

The next morning,at 8:05 am,I received a call from the courier confirming our cottage address. 15 minutes later Petra called to tell me that she was in contact with the courier, we were going to get the unit that afternoon.

We received the Works in a Box before noon that day. It was not even 24 hrs. Out with the old Box, in with the new. 10 bolts, some caulking, DONE!

Petra called again around 2:00pm to see if we received the unit, I was very thankful as you could imagine and she was very happy for me, for us, that our lady family and friend’s would not have to use that other house, the OUT one!

Our Envirolet worked flawlessly for 15 yrs. When it faulted all I can say is that the customer service in todays day and age that I received was above and beyond my expectations! Petra was very clear and concise in her information and very understanding and compassionate, traits which are sorely missed in todays society of business!

Yes I would absolutely recommend ENVIROLET PRODUCTS and SERVICE to any one looking for COMPOSTING TOILET.

Thank you, best regards,”


Thanks for the comments, Alex. We appreciate it. We are not always able to get items to customers this fast but we always try!

A 15 year lifetime for the fan is pretty good for a moving part that is in such a harsh environment, but is not uncommon. We use quality parts and offer the longest warranty in the industry!

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