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Monday, April 21, 2008

Envirolet is a Holy Convenience in the UK

Churches are a popular application for Envirolet® composting toilet systems. Especially, in older churches that have no access to water. Check out this story from Country Way magazine in the UK.

Holy Convenience

It’s a case of relief all round in Wilby. No longer will parishioners sit crossed legged in St Mary’s following the installation of a unique environmentally friendly compostible toilet, a first for the diocese. Developed in the Canadian backwoods, the loo, located in its own inconspicuous wooden hut, needs no water or septic tank, only an electricity supply.

“Wilby’s showing the way. This is a very modern and responsible solution to the problem of providing toilet for a medieval building,” says Lay Elder Sheila Pipe. “It enormously expands the use the community can make of its church.” The green convenience cost about £2,500.

“We are keen to embrace modern technology into medieval buildings,” says James Halsall our DAC Secretary. “It’s a cheap option with a minimal footprint, that is removable if necessary. It makes it very much easier to grant permission for it to be installed.”

Reprinted with permission from Country Way magazine in the UK.

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