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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"The Envirolet is a dream at the cottage," says Ron in Ontario

Thanks to Ron in Ontario for sending his wonderful photos and comments about his Envirolet® Waterless Remote System installation at his cottage! The Waterless Remote (or WRS) is a completely waterless system that features a waterless toilet in the bathroom with the composting treatment system below. Ron describes his Envirolet® as a “dream at the cottage.”

Read more of what Ron said:

“As you can see I’m still in the reno mode, which will probably never end. My wife and i were house hunting and fell on a web site for cottages, she convinced me to go see a few and found one that is just a little over an hour away. The offer was made, papers were finalized and by October we were in. The first thing the wife said was “I’m not going out to the back-house at night with all the night crawlers and the cold temperature.”

After doing some research our Envirolet was purchased at the end of 2002. It’s been doing it’s thing ever since. We did a lot of camping in the wild before this and the potty duties were always mine. The Envirolet is a dream at the cottage.

Ron D.

Envirolet WRS Waterless Toilet

Envirolet WRS Tank

Wind Turbine on Roof

Thanks again, Ron!

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