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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Envirolet in Cape Cod Beach House

Envirolet® is the Sanitation Solution, Again!

Thank you to Anne P. for sending in their great photos and comments about their Envirolet® Waterless Self-Contained composting toilet system installed in their Cape Cod beach house.

They write:

“Here are some photos of our waterless, self-contained Envirolet, installed at our beach cottage overlooking Cape Cod Bay. The view from the Envirolet is of Gurnet lighthouse, especially wonderful at night!

We have no electricity or running water, so this is a good solution to the problems we encounter when there is a drought and our rain-water cistern gets low! Due to increasing family size, we will be adding a DC turbo fan this spring to increase evaporation and thus capacity.

We’ll be opening our cottage in a couple of weeks and are looking forward to our third water-worry-free season with Envirolet!

Anne P.
Cape Cod

Envirolet in Cape Cod
A faint view of the lighthouse out the window.

Envirolet in Cape Cod
The stack and wind turbine ventilator.

Envirolet in Cape Cod
The head-on view with the toilet paper, enzymes, peat pot, instructions
in the background and the step for short-leggers in front.

Thanks again to the Pearson Family!

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