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Monday, July 21, 2008

Pre-Loved Envirolet Was Selling Feature at Ontario Cottage

Posted by Scott

Paul in Ontario Wins Husband of the Year Award

Soon-to-be Envirolet® users Paul & Colleen sent in some great comments and photographs of their system. They purchased a cottage (a birthday gift for Colleen!) that had a pre-loved Envirolet® MS10 waterless composting toilet system in it. Colleen writes:


Ever since I knew my husband, (almost 30 years married), he always wanted a cottage on an island. (He camped on an island as a child).

Recently, Paul asked me what I wanted for my birthday (in August, I’ll be 50), and jokingly I said “a cottage.” Guess what? We take possession on the weekend of my birthday, and the cottage is on an island!!!!

I’ve always said NO to staying on an island, because of the “outhouses.” This particular cottage that we looked at has an “Envirolet Toilet,” (won’t have to use an outhouse) and that is the main reason I agreed to look at it. To me, this was one of the selling features of this cottage, and the toilet even looks good! Who knew that a toilet would be the reason I would buy a particular cottage? The previous owners installed it a couple of years ago, and just loved it.

NO MORE COMMUNAL OUTHOUSE, SHARED BY 6 OTHER COTTAGES!!!!! They have agreed to “clean it out” before the possession weekend, and they recommended your site for supplies, and a starter kit.


I called your support staff, and the 2 young ladies were extremely helpful and AWESOME to work with. I’ve attached photos of the toilet, as they recommended. The model and serial number is as follows: Sancor Multi System 10 — s/n 24-33067XXXXX [modified by Buzz].

Thank you so much for a great product, wonderful support staff, and being thoughtful about our environment.”

Paul & Colleen L.

Awesome story! Check out more photos below.



Thank you for the comments! We appreciate it.

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Monday, July 21, 2008
Buzz Word

Whole Lotta Buzz

Posted by Scott

BUZZ WORD If you are in the comparing process of deciding what type of composting toilet system to purchase, be sure you check out our exhaustive Testimonials section.

Unlike others, we are continually adding new testimonials and in-the-field installation photos because we know people like to hear from real customers.

If others aren’t posting installation pics and comments from customers you have to ask why… it is most likely that they don’t have them!

Please keep ‘em coming! We try to post as soon as we can. Send your photos and comments to us.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Envirolet MS10 in Wyoming Bunkhouse

Posted by Scott

Heidi sent some excellent photos of her Envirolet® MS10 waterless composting toilet system installation in her Wyoming bunkhouse. The system was installed 3 years ago. Looks great! Notice the small jar of peat moss reminding users that it needs to be added.

“We’ve updated an old Bunkhouse and Tack Shed for guests on our retirement property in northern Wyoming - now we won’t be awakened at all hours by guests sneaking in the cabin to take a middle-of-the-night wee! Thanks ENVIROLET!”

Heidi R.



Thanks, Heidi! We appreciate it.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Foster in Nova Scotia: "The toilet works GREAT!"

Posted by Scott

No more running to the outhouse late at night!

Thank you to Foster and Debbie in Nova Scotia for sending in photos and comments about the waterless Envirolet® MS10 Composting Toilet System they have installed in their cottage. They write:


Attached are some picture of the unit which we installed in our camp. We removed a cupboard and some other items from our storage room in the camp, and installed the toilet. The room itself still needs some work but the toilet works GREAT! No more running to the outhouse late at night! Yippee!

Foster and Debbie
Nova Scotia

Envirolet in Nova Scotia

Envirolet in Nova Scotia

Thanks again, we appreciate it!

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Monday, July 14, 2008
Buzz Word

New United Kingdom Toll-Free Line

Posted by Scott

BUZZ WORD Good news for our UK customers. We have a new toll-free line for customers in the UK to contact us on:

UK 0808 120 7610

In the UK and the rest of Europe, visit us online at envirolet.co.uk or envirolet.eu to find out more about Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Harold In Texas: "Amazed at the ease of operating of our new MS10"

Posted by Scott

BUZZ WORD Greatest Thing Since Bacon & Eggs

Harold in Texas sent us some great photos and comments about his Envirolet® Composting Toilet System installation. He uses the original and very popular waterless AC electric MS10 model.

“My family and I are totally amazed at the ease of operating of our new MS10. There is no odor whatsoever even with the fans off and we are using only the wind turbine for ventilation. Installation was a breeze with minimal time expended.

We installed the Envirolet MS10 composting toilet in our cabin on our Texas ranch. We chose to vent it through the wall as seen in these pictures. The outside vent extends upward to a point above the roof top and is insulated from the wall to the turbine. The installation went very smooth and fast. We placed a rubber backed mat under the toilet to keep it from sliding on the wood floor. Also have a foot stool to assist the short legged folks.

Have had several people inquiring and seeing it and they find it hard to believe that is it as efficient and odorless as advertised, but seeing and using it makes a difference.

Also, You were right. I did not need the extra length of pipe nor the turbo fan as the vent length turned out to be only 10 feet including the wind turbine. I ran the vent through the wall and out using the two 45 deg elbows. I will heed your recommendations in the future. Your knowledge and expertise and the way you handled my inquiries and order were way above normal. Your company should be proud to have you aboard.

It is truly amazing and we have had absolutely no odor. Also a big plus is no more trips in the dark to the outhouse. Needless to say everyone thinks this is the greatest thing since bacon and eggs.

Thank you again,

Harold M.



Thanks, Harold! We appreciate your comments, especially the comparison to bacon & eggs!

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Envirolet in Greenburg Project

Posted by Scott

BUZZ WORD An Envirolet® Composting Toilet System is part of the Greensburg, KS re-building project. The project is to help re-build Greensburg, KS after a May 2007 tornado destroyed almost the entire community.

Architectural Review explains more about what happened and the re-building project:

“This Sunday, May 4, [2008] marks the one-year anniversary of the EF-5 tornado that destroyed most of Greensburg, Kansas. As part of a town-wide green initiative, students from the state’s two architecture schools are lending a hand in helping residents rebuild using sustainable design principles and techniques.

University of Kansas architecture professor Dan Rockhill’s well-known Studio 804 is working with the nonprofit Greensburg Art Center to develop Sustainable Prototype, a versatile prefabricated building that deploys multiple passive and active sustainable design techniques. Meanwhile, a group from Kansas State University is dotting the small city with 10-foot pods – a project called Greensburg Cubed – that promise to educate locals about the ecologically responsible design to which municipal leaders have committed in a variety of high-profile announcements.”

The project is being document on Planet Green’s television show, Greensburg. The show is executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. Of note, this is the second involvement by Envirolet® with Planet Green. Envirolet® filmed an episode of the new Bill Nye show, Stuff Happens.

Envirolet in Greensburg

Envirolet in Greensburg

An Envirolet® was supplied by Sancor Industries Ltd. (at no cost) to help with the project. The advanced composting system is being placed in the “watering can” cube (or pod).



Some features of the “watering can” other than the Envirolet® Composting Toilet System include:

• exterior cladding - reused aluminum newspaper press plates
• hot water - evacuated tube hot water heating system
• shower - Evolve shower head
• interior cladding - reused chalk boards from KSU campus
• doors - salvaged french doors from remodel project in the area
• decking - Tendura, wood fiber and recycled plastic composite decking, purchased used from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Kansas City
• window - the window above the sink is created from glass bottles mortared together like glass block
• roof / skylight - Polygal, a corrugated, slightly insulating polycarbonate
• tile and countertop - Enviroglas recycled glass
• structure - Structurally insulated panels

More photos and info to come soon!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Envirolet MS10 in Quebec Boathouse

Posted by Scott

Rosa Y. in Quebec was kind enough to send us a photo of her Envirolet® MS10 waterless composting toilet system installed in her boathouse.


Send us your Envirolet® photos and comments for us to post on Buzz!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tip to Save Toilet Paper!

Posted by Scott

As we all know, less is better. Especially, when we are talking about adding toilet paper to a composting toilet system. Well, Current Configuration has this in mind with a fun post about how to save toilet paper! And, the solution is super easy! According to them all you have to do is position the paper over vs. under on your tp holder and you will save paper…



Read the full post for the “science” behind this.

Via Current Configuration via TreeHugger.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Envirolet Tip on TreeHugger

Posted by Scott

Envirolet® was included in TreeHugger Tips recently by writer and Envirolet® waterless toilet user Lloyd Alter. Lloyd is in Ontario, Canada.

Lloyd’s tip was to use a separate receptacle to collect toilet tissue to the avoid over-use of toilet paper. To be clear, toilet paper can normally be added to Envirolet® composting toilet systems. Toilet paper in a waterless system will break down but will breakdown slower if large amounts are used at one time (because water, which is not used of course, helps with a faster breakdown). But, this is OK.

Using a separate receptacle is something that some users choose to do if they are concerned about the amount of toilet paper being added (usually by kids or guests!) but is by no means required. (Some people do this with septic tank systems as well.)

Be sure to note Lloyd’s comment added to his TreeHugger post to clarify the liquid issue he encountered. He writes:

UPDATE: Scott at Envirolet asked why I said it was flooded; he had not heard of that ever happening. Over the winter, the snow knocked over the top of the vent stack and the toilet filled with water through the roof and the vent stack. I did not find out until I went to empty the toilet as I do at the beginning of the season and it was quite a mess, but had nothing to do with the operation of the unit.”

So, apparently an accident in the winter knocked over his vent and water got into the system! This is not common (I have only heard of it once before) but we did have a lot of snow this past winter in Ontario. Be sure to securely fasten your vent and keep it high enough to avoid large snow falls!

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Friday, July 4, 2008
Buzz Word

4th of July!

Posted by Scott

Happy 4th of July to our American readers! Have a safe and fun holiday!

USA Flag

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In Washington: "Everyone really likes the comfort and convenience of the Envirolet"

Posted by Scott

Thanks to Scott in Washington State for sending in some great photos and comments about his Envirolet® Waterless Self-Contained System installed in a tool shed/outhouse.

He writes:

“Here are some pictures of our combination outhouse/tool shed. The tool shed is on one end, then there is a dividing wall, and the toilet is on the other end.

This is in a remote location where we are building a small cabin and it replaced an old pit toilet. Our Envirolet waterless self-contained toilet has been in use for a little over a year and is working great! We had a small fly population build-up*, but adding some diatomaceous earth seems to have solved that problem.

We have had a couple of multiple-family camp outs here and everyone really likes the comfort and convenience of the Envirolet. Thanks for making such a great product.”

Scott H.

*Note: Occasionally, small insects can get in the system given that it is a natural process using “good bugs” to compost waste. In fact, insects usually enter in the peat moss or soil being added. But, just like Scott H. says, if you add diatomaceous earth (a natural bug killer) it will eliminate them easily.

Envirolet in Washington

Envirolet in Washington

Envirolet in Washington

Thanks, Scott! We appreciate it.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Buzz Word

Happy Canada Day!

Posted by Scott

July 1st is Canada Day! So, Happy Birthday Canada! Canada turns 141 years old today!