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Monday, July 7, 2008

Envirolet Tip on TreeHugger

Envirolet® was included in TreeHugger Tips recently by writer and Envirolet® waterless toilet user Lloyd Alter. Lloyd is in Ontario, Canada.

Lloyd’s tip was to use a separate receptacle to collect toilet tissue to the avoid over-use of toilet paper. To be clear, toilet paper can normally be added to Envirolet® composting toilet systems. Toilet paper in a waterless system will break down but will breakdown slower if large amounts are used at one time (because water, which is not used of course, helps with a faster breakdown). But, this is OK.

Using a separate receptacle is something that some users choose to do if they are concerned about the amount of toilet paper being added (usually by kids or guests!) but is by no means required. (Some people do this with septic tank systems as well.)

Be sure to note Lloyd’s comment added to his TreeHugger post to clarify the liquid issue he encountered. He writes:

UPDATE: Scott at Envirolet asked why I said it was flooded; he had not heard of that ever happening. Over the winter, the snow knocked over the top of the vent stack and the toilet filled with water through the roof and the vent stack. I did not find out until I went to empty the toilet as I do at the beginning of the season and it was quite a mess, but had nothing to do with the operation of the unit.”

So, apparently an accident in the winter knocked over his vent and water got into the system! This is not common (I have only heard of it once before) but we did have a lot of snow this past winter in Ontario. Be sure to securely fasten your vent and keep it high enough to avoid large snow falls!

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