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Friday, July 11, 2008

Harold In Texas: "Amazed at the ease of operating of our new MS10"

BUZZ WORD Greatest Thing Since Bacon & Eggs

Harold in Texas sent us some great photos and comments about his Envirolet® Composting Toilet System installation. He uses the original and very popular waterless AC electric MS10 model.

“My family and I are totally amazed at the ease of operating of our new MS10. There is no odor whatsoever even with the fans off and we are using only the wind turbine for ventilation. Installation was a breeze with minimal time expended.

We installed the Envirolet MS10 composting toilet in our cabin on our Texas ranch. We chose to vent it through the wall as seen in these pictures. The outside vent extends upward to a point above the roof top and is insulated from the wall to the turbine. The installation went very smooth and fast. We placed a rubber backed mat under the toilet to keep it from sliding on the wood floor. Also have a foot stool to assist the short legged folks.

Have had several people inquiring and seeing it and they find it hard to believe that is it as efficient and odorless as advertised, but seeing and using it makes a difference.

Also, You were right. I did not need the extra length of pipe nor the turbo fan as the vent length turned out to be only 10 feet including the wind turbine. I ran the vent through the wall and out using the two 45 deg elbows. I will heed your recommendations in the future. Your knowledge and expertise and the way you handled my inquiries and order were way above normal. Your company should be proud to have you aboard.

It is truly amazing and we have had absolutely no odor. Also a big plus is no more trips in the dark to the outhouse. Needless to say everyone thinks this is the greatest thing since bacon and eggs.

Thank you again,

Harold M.



Thanks, Harold! We appreciate your comments, especially the comparison to bacon & eggs!

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