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Monday, July 21, 2008

Pre-Loved Envirolet Was Selling Feature at Ontario Cottage

Paul in Ontario Wins Husband of the Year Award

Soon-to-be Envirolet® users Paul & Colleen sent in some great comments and photographs of their system. They purchased a cottage (a birthday gift for Colleen!) that had a pre-loved Envirolet® MS10 waterless composting toilet system in it. Colleen writes:


Ever since I knew my husband, (almost 30 years married), he always wanted a cottage on an island. (He camped on an island as a child).

Recently, Paul asked me what I wanted for my birthday (in August, I’ll be 50), and jokingly I said “a cottage.” Guess what? We take possession on the weekend of my birthday, and the cottage is on an island!!!!

I’ve always said NO to staying on an island, because of the “outhouses.” This particular cottage that we looked at has an “Envirolet Toilet,” (won’t have to use an outhouse) and that is the main reason I agreed to look at it. To me, this was one of the selling features of this cottage, and the toilet even looks good! Who knew that a toilet would be the reason I would buy a particular cottage? The previous owners installed it a couple of years ago, and just loved it.

NO MORE COMMUNAL OUTHOUSE, SHARED BY 6 OTHER COTTAGES!!!!! They have agreed to “clean it out” before the possession weekend, and they recommended your site for supplies, and a starter kit.


I called your support staff, and the 2 young ladies were extremely helpful and AWESOME to work with. I’ve attached photos of the toilet, as they recommended. The model and serial number is as follows: Sancor Multi System 10 — s/n 24-33067XXXXX [modified by Buzz].

Thank you so much for a great product, wonderful support staff, and being thoughtful about our environment.”

Paul & Colleen L.

Awesome story! Check out more photos below.



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