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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Envirolet DC12: "We love it!"

Thanks to Ed who sent some great comments and photos of his Envirolet® DC12 12VDC waterless composting toilet system installed in the Virginia mountains.


My wife and I bought some land in the Virginia mountains that we and our families use for camping. It is the site of a turn of the century house and has only been used as a hunting camp for a long time.

We love going there but one thing we definitely did not like was the old outhouse. It was old, dirty, full of spiders and insects, and drafty. It is also smelly and very dark at night. We put up with it for a few years and after researching composting and other types of toilets we bought a 12VDC waterless self-contained unit several years ago.

We also bought a small shed kit that became the new “outhouse” and storage shed. We can actually store things in the shed because even though the toilet is there is it clean and doesn’t smell. I also installed a small solar powered light so we can close the doors for complete privacy. We love it! We haven’t had problems with it just using the turbine with no power at all for several years§. However, there are enough kids in the family now that when we camp we are over the capacity limit so I will hook up a solar panel and small battery that we will use on camping trips.

Ed E.

§Note: In this installation Ed is replying mainly on just the Wind Turbine (and not the fans), but we recommend using the fans at all times in 12VDC and AC Electric models for best performance, even if you are “under-capacity.”

Envirolet DC12 in Virginia

Envirolet DC12 in Virginia

Thanks, Ed! We appreciate it.

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