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Thursday, August 7, 2008

With Envirolet: "The camp is getting a lot more use..."

We’re glad to report that Ed’s camp in Upstate NY is getting much more use since the addition of their Envirolet® Basic Plus non-electric waterless composting toilet system. Along with his Envirolet® story he sent some nice photos of the installation. He writes:

Dear Sirs:

“Attached are pictures of the Envirolet system that we put in place at our rural camp in Upstate New York State.

We have had the property in the family for over 70 years. The camp on the property was built by my father when he was a teenager, in the late ‘30s and it really hasn’t changed except for a new roof or two. There was no electricity or water. The outhouse was not in very good shape and the lady folks in particular did not look forward to having to venture to the “shed.”

Three years ago I did extensive research on an environmental sensitive waste system and decided on the Envirolet. We had a family work bee and constructed a shed and put some “fancy” improvements in side. Now our family members come and stay much longer. The ladies and children don’t mind at all a trip to the new “loo.”

The camp is getting a lot more use from the family as they can come and stay longer. That hasn’t changed over 70 years and hope it never does.”

Ed D.
New York

Envirolet Basic Plus in New York

Envirolet Basic Plus in New York

Envirolet Basic Plus in New York

Thanks, Ed! We appreciate the time.

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