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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Envirolet Basic Plus in Wyoming

“Thanks Envirolet- you’ve made our camping experience a whole lot easier.”

Lance in Wyoming sent us some cool photos of his Envirolet® Basic Plus waterless composting toilet system installation on his camping property.

Lance writes:

“We are lucky to have found 2½ acres on Boulder Lake Wyoming located at the base of the Wind River Mountain Range.

No electricity to our property so Envirolet was our first choice and so far the system has been working perfectly.

We house the Envirolet in this custom made outhouse. Picture #3 is the view from the outhouse.

While we are on Boulder Lake we named the property Cow Pie Cove due to all the special treats the local cow population used to leave us.

We considered contacting Envirolet to see if they could offer us a solution for all the Cow Pies, but then we decided to Fence Out the cows and that resolved our issues.

Boulder Lake is located about 10 miles east of Pinedale, Wyoming at an altitude of 7000 feet.

We enjoy water skiing, wind surfing, camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing and some spectacular scenery. Local wild life include Antelope, elk, lot’s of geese and the occasional coyote.

Thanks Envirolet- you’ve made our camping experience a whole lot easier.

Lance C.
Jackson, Wyoming

What a view!

Thanks, Lance! Great photo and comments!

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