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Friday, December 19, 2008

Envirolet Provides Sanitation for Utah Yurt

BUZZ WORD They keep coming! This is about the 230th testimonial posted on Buzz so far with lots more to come! We think they show real-life applications with comments from real people. They might even give you some ideas of where you can add an Envirolet® You can read the all in Testimonials.

This one is from Todd in California who sent us his testimonial and photos of his Envirolet® DC12 composting toilet system installed in his Utah yurt. The DC12 is waterless and 12VDC.

He writes:

“My 8’X5’ outhouse is fully insulated, tiled, and has a shower. Compost toilet is working great. I don’t even have it hooked up to a 12 volt battery, and even after 8 people stayed at the yurt for 10 days straight, there was no scent! I was pretty amazed.”

Todd S.

Buzz Note: We do recommend that any 12VDC system be running as directed for best performance.

Photos with comments by Todd:

The Envirolet 12vdc battery unit. We will be purchasing a 12V battery to hook up to our current solar panel kit on the yurt.

The yurt and the outhouse are approximately 25ft apart.

This is the solar panel that will keep the 12v compost toilet battery charged.

We built an 8X5 outhouse that contains the compost toilet and a solar shower.

We installed the 4” wind turbine through our corrugated tin roof.

Thanks again, Todd. We appreciate it.

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