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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cowboy Envirolet!

Our customers continue to amaze with their creativity and design! Sylvia in California sent us her testimonial and some awesome photos of her cool 12VDC Envirolet composting toilet system “cowboy campfire” installation. Great photos!

She writes:

“I am enjoying my outdoor Envirolet Outhouse. I have a Cowboy Campfire here at the Rancho. Before the outhouse we had to come to the house and things are so much nicer now. We have Moonlight Campfires every month and everyone enjoys the “convenience.”

I have a Solar Panel on the Tack Room and it runs the battery in the Outhouse. Fun addition is the urinal, I purchased it for twenty dollars from a Porta Potty place and took about four hours stripping silver paint from it.

We had an Outhouse Warming Party to christen the new convenience.

Thanks Envirolet,

Thank you, Sylvia! We appreciate taking the time to send us your comments and photos.

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