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Monday, June 22, 2009

Envirolet Waterless Remote in PA

Kristin in Pennsylvania sent us some photos of Envirolet® during the construction process! She writes:


I’m attaching a couple of photos of our composting toilet and would like to receive the starter kit.

We were very excited when we started started researching the Envirolet toilets as we were not ready to install a septic at our small, rural cabin. We are very happy to be doing something so environmentally friendly and convenient. The best part is that later when we do install the septic, we will simply move this toilet to a small guest house! That’s the best kind of recycling!

This picture shows that installing the toilet during construction was a priority! I’d be happy to send pics when we complete the project this summer, hopefully.

Thank you so much.”


Take some photos of your Envirolet® installation and send them to us for some free accessories too!