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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Envirolet Reviews: DC12 on the St. Lawrence River

Ross whose cottage is on the St. Lawrence River, Ontario sent us a testimonial of his new “working like a charm” Envirolet® DC12 Waterless Self-Contained Composting Toilet. Envirolet® helped in a location with no power.

“After a long and hard examination of composting toilets, my wife and I chose Envirolet to replace the outhouse at the cottage on the St. Lawrence. We do not have power from the grid so we chose the 12 Volt Battery waterless model.

We placed our order and shortly after the toilet arrived via UPS. I had to unpack it as soon as it arrived and it was all laid out on the picnic table. The bathroom/outhouse needed some work done to it and the old toilet removed. Next came the installation of the new Envirolet. It all had to be done in one day as we were without alternate facilities.

Installation proved to be quite easy despite of my lack of dexterity with tools in a powerless environment and the Envirolet is working like a charm. We had concerns about odour in the bathroom — they were without foundation — the Envirolet toilet with the 12 Volt battery and fans has absolutely no odour at all. It is truly amazing!”

Thanks Envirolet.
Ross D.

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