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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Envirolet Reviews: Waterless System on Okanagan Lake, BC

Thanks to Louise and Val who sent photos and a testimonial of their positive experience with owning two Envirolet® Composting Toilets. Envirolet® is there when septic and sewer are not.

“We are the happy owners of a Envirolet waterless unit which we have installed at our beach lot on beautiful Okanagan Lake in the interior of B.C. The unit we have now is about 8 years old and still runs and looks like new, our first unit was purchased used from a Ski Hill cabin 21 years ago, even though it was used we still got a good 13 or so years of service from that unit.

Since we purchased our 2nd unit new we have retired and go to the beach a lot much more often and we have tons of company and our Envirolet never lets us down… We start it up every spring and shut it down every winter and there has never been a problem.

I’d buy another Envirolet in a flash if I needed to but we have years of service left in our present one. It still looks like new, is easy to maintain and as company always said the seat is always warm!!! Thanks for a great product that does the job in our location on a fresh water lake with no septic or sewer systems available to us.”

Louise & Val

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