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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Envirolet Reviews: Non-Electric Low Water Remote at Ontario Cottage

Barry from Ontario sent us his comments and photos of their Envirolet® Low Water Non-Electric Remote Composting Toilet Barry learned that they can pour water into an Envirolet® Low Water when running water is not available.

“We got a non-electric Envirolet composting toilet at our cottage in 2001. We did not even have running water. I asked Envirolet if we could use it by pouring water into it and was told we could. I found the toilet including the holding tank easy to install and the instructions informative and easy to understand. The toilet was easy to use. Pouring water into it worked fine. The next year emptying it was easy to do.

We are quite satisfied with our Envirolet toilet, would buy it again and would recommend it to others.”

Your truly,
Barry K.

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