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Monday, October 26, 2009

Envirolet Works-in-a-Drawer Box (Part 2, WSC)

About a week ago we posted about the benefits of the Envirolet® Works-in-a-Drawer Box (WID Box). We used a remote system tank to demonstrate. Below is an animation of the WID Box in an Envirolet® Waterless Self-Contained System.

WID Box Explained
Envirolet® advanced composting toilet systems are designed so that all electrical components (DC and AC models) are located in an easy-to-access Works-in-a-Drawer™ (or WID Box) electrical box. In an Envirolet® AC model this includes 2 fans, a heater and 2 thermostats. DC models have 2 fans.

The WID Box simply pulls out of the top of the composting unit. It is located away from waste material at the top of the system. This is convenient, safe and just makes sense. Especially in remote-type units that are located outside on potentially moist or wet ground. Compare to others where the heater is located in the bottom of composting unit.

Envirolet Works-in-a-Drawer Box

This unique feature also makes all Envirolet® Systems power-convertible. You can simply insert the WID Box for the power you want or remove it to have a Non-Electric system.