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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Envirolet Reviews: Envirolet WSC in Colorado

Thanks to Linda and Al for sending in their photos of their Envirolet® composting toilet installation in the mountains of Colorado!

“We have a self-contained waterless unit in our cabin in the mountains of Colorado. It is hooked up to a 12V system for power to the fans. We have had this unit since 2003. Our cabin is in a remote area which is only 4WD accessible in the summer and we hike in on snowshoes in the winter. We have a limited water supply in the summer (as evidenced by the clawfoot tub - we heat the water on a propane stove and do have a gray water drain).

There is no way we could do a septic system and using the outhouse at night, during a rainstorm, or in the winter was NOT a pleasant experience. Since we installed the Envirolet, No Problem!!!! We would recommend this unit to anyone in a similar situation. It is easy to use, easy to clean and completely odor free! Love it!!

Linda and Al P.
Colorado, USA

Linda also wrote:

“Dear Envirolet: We would love to receive a Start Kit for our testimonial, but would have sent it anyway without that incentive. Love this toilet!”
Linda P.

Thanks again, we appreciate it! Send your testimonial and photos to buzz@enviroletbuzz.com and we’ll send you some free accessories too.