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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Envirolet Reviews: Envirolet WSC (12VDC) in Maine

Posted by Scott

Vince and Kim sent us some photos and a great testimonial about their Envirolet® DC12 Waterless Self-Contained composting toilet system installed at their camp in Maine. Their comments highlight the environment-friendly aspect of an Envirolet® composting toilet versus an incinerating type toilet!


Our Envirolet composting toilet is installed in our bathroom at our camp in Maine. The camp is off the grid, and currently we don’t have running water, but that doesn’t stop us from having a working toilet! We have the 12 volt electrical model which is powered by a deep cycle battery that we charge by generator (inside the small shelter seen behind the cabin) every time we visit. This summer, we will be installing a photovoltaic solar system which will ensure constant power between visits, and allow us to remove the battery from our bathroom and minimize our generator usage.

We love the convenience and stylishness of our toilet. All our friends have incinerator type toilets but they are very power hungry and require the generator to run for up to 90 minutes every time they use them. This Envirolet model is very green-friendly and suits all our needs.

Thanks for the perfect solution for us, Envirolet!

If you use these photos/testimonial, please send us a free starter kit.”

Vince & Kim B.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Envirolet Reviews: Envirolet LWRS in Nova Scotia

Posted by Scott

Karin sent us a photo of her Envirolet® Low Water Remote composting toilet system installation in Nova Scotia.

Karin writes:


We’ve installed a low water remote 120 VAC electric unit in a cottage & find it easy to use & odourless. Friends and visitors are all very interested in how well the unit works — we’ll certainly install more such units in any future building projects. Why build a septic system when this works so well?

We’d received an offer that said that if we sent you a picture of our envirolet installed, you’d send us some more weekly/seasonal care supplies? Is that true?

We’d love it if so!”

Karin C.
Nova Scotia

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Envirolet Reviews: Envirolet WRS DC in California

Posted by Scott

Bert sent us his Envirolet® Waterless Remote System testimonial and a couple photos of his California installation.

Bert writes:

I am completely satisfied with my Envirolet waterless remote composting toilet. There is no smell at all and I have, after six months, already put some finished compost on my bed of irises! They even adapted the 12 volt system to 24 volt so I can use my solar power system to power the fan. Very helpful staff.”

Bert D.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Envirolet Reviews: Envirolet FlushSmart in Arizona Home

Posted by Scott

Elizabeth in Arizona sent us some amazing photos and comments of her Envirolet® FlushSmart 700 Series System installation. As you can see the modern-looking toilet looks great in the bathroom.

Lookin’ good in the bathroom!

Elizabeth writes:

“We purchased a new home with the intention of converting the study into a downstairs bedroom with bath. The Santa Fe style patio lent itself to our taking one of the arches on the patio and enclosing it for the bathroom. However, we soon learned the conventional septic system was not big enough to accommodate another bathroom. This is when we began looking for an alternative and discovered the Envirolet composting system. The toilet looks very natural in our new bathroom and our outside shed adds to the rustic feel on the property. We are thrilled with the positive assistance and support we have received from Envirolet customer service.”

Elizabeth M.

Cool looking shed that houses the remote composting tank.

Wow! What an awesome looking home!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Envirolet Main Features in Cool Display

Posted by Scott

Learn about some of the main features of Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems in a new interactive mode here. (Does not fit on this page.)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ed Begley, Jr. for Envirolet

Posted by Scott

Talk about Buzz for Envirolet® Composting Toilets!

Learn more about Ed Begley, Jr.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Envirolet Reviews: Envirolet WSC in Oregon

Posted by Scott

Thanks to Joan in Oregon for her wonderful comments about her Envirolet® MS10 waterless composting toilet installation!

“Dear folks at Envirolet,

For 35 years I was perfectly happy using the outhouse I built when I moved onto this rural piece of Oregon land in 1972. Several years ago my cabin burned to the ground, and I had no choice but to move into in an old trailer that was on the property. There was no septic system to hook it up to, and the outhouse was now more than 150 feet further away than it had been. Long, cold winters and advancing arthritis had me looking into alternatives, and the one that interested me the most was composting toilets.

After doing much research and reading many reviews, Envirolet appeared to be the one that folks were most happy with, so I began my search for a used unit, as a new one was out of my financial reach. After a long search, I found one locally, and am tickled pink with my decision! I have had absolutely no problems or complaints with it, and it’s so easy to maintain! In fact, I can’t believe I put up with all those years of putting on my boots and my winter jacket and juggling the flashlight and the umbrella through wind and rainstorms and all that SNOW!! Not to mention that the compost produced keeps my roses happier than they’ve ever been! I tell everyone who will listen what an awesome product this is.

So thanks, Envirolet - and if you’d like to send me a Starter Kit and publish my comments, that would be great!

Joan T.

P.S. Sorry I couldn’t get a better shot of the whole toilet, but it’s a really, really, teeny bathroom, and I was as far back as I could get (one foot in the bathtub!).”

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