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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Envirolet Reviews: Envirolet FlushSmart in Arizona Home

Elizabeth in Arizona sent us some amazing photos and comments of her Envirolet® FlushSmart 700 Series System installation. As you can see the modern-looking toilet looks great in the bathroom.

Lookin’ good in the bathroom!

Elizabeth writes:

“We purchased a new home with the intention of converting the study into a downstairs bedroom with bath. The Santa Fe style patio lent itself to our taking one of the arches on the patio and enclosing it for the bathroom. However, we soon learned the conventional septic system was not big enough to accommodate another bathroom. This is when we began looking for an alternative and discovered the Envirolet composting system. The toilet looks very natural in our new bathroom and our outside shed adds to the rustic feel on the property. We are thrilled with the positive assistance and support we have received from Envirolet customer service.”

Elizabeth M.

Cool looking shed that houses the remote composting tank.

Wow! What an awesome looking home!

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