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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Envirolet Reviews: Envirolet WSC (12VDC) in Maine

Vince and Kim sent us some photos and a great testimonial about their Envirolet® DC12 Waterless Self-Contained composting toilet system installed at their camp in Maine. Their comments highlight the environment-friendly aspect of an Envirolet® composting toilet versus an incinerating type toilet!


Our Envirolet composting toilet is installed in our bathroom at our camp in Maine. The camp is off the grid, and currently we don’t have running water, but that doesn’t stop us from having a working toilet! We have the 12 volt electrical model which is powered by a deep cycle battery that we charge by generator (inside the small shelter seen behind the cabin) every time we visit. This summer, we will be installing a photovoltaic solar system which will ensure constant power between visits, and allow us to remove the battery from our bathroom and minimize our generator usage.

We love the convenience and stylishness of our toilet. All our friends have incinerator type toilets but they are very power hungry and require the generator to run for up to 90 minutes every time they use them. This Envirolet model is very green-friendly and suits all our needs.

Thanks for the perfect solution for us, Envirolet!

If you use these photos/testimonial, please send us a free starter kit.”

Vince & Kim B.

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