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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Envirolet Reviews: Envirolet LWRS in New Brunswick

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Karen in New Brunswick sent us a couple of nice photos and comments about their Envirolet® Low Water Remote composting toilet system installation.

Karen writes:

“Sending a picture your way…as our recent purchase of the Low water remote is great!!! We purchased a camp in June …we have now gone from out house to in house with this great system. My husband found it easy to install and the family is enjoying the convenience and cleanliness of having an in camp bathroom…especially the ladies and children. I am attaching pictures of our bathroom is still under construction.

I did research and found your system the easiest to install, looks well made and designed for simple use. Your phone line agents were very helpful and that was the reason I decided to go with your product rather than purchase local….as I received great advice and guidance with my purchase.

We are really quite amazed at the convenience of your system and so are some of our friends and guests.

Thank you for making our get away…family camp more comfortable and enjoyable!

Karen H.
New Brunswick

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