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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

9-Year Old Envirolet MS10 in Michigan

Mel in Michigan sent some awesome comments about his Envirolet Waterless Self-Contained Composting Toilet System that has been installed and in use for the past 9 years.  Envirolet helped Mel save as much as $10,000!  Wow.  Read what he has to say below.

Mel writes:

"We have been using our self contained unit on a daily basis at our business for the past nine years.  By using the Envirolet system I have been able to avoid a ten thousand dollar fee of having a (2) sanitary sewer hook up installed.  Over the last nine years the only problem I had (thermostat on heater) was easily fixed in less than 15 minutes.  Right now the turbine on my exhaust pipe screams like a banshee hen when the wind is blowing quite strongly, but I am in the process of ordering a replacement and soon the screeching will stop.  I would strongly recommend an Envirolet system be installed when another system is not applicable or feasible."

Here are a couple of photos of our system after 9 years of daily use."

Melvin W.

Thanks, Mel!  We appreciate it.

Why was his thermostat so easily to replace?
Because of the Envirolet Works-in-a-Drawer feature that allows easy access to all electrical components.

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