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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Envirolet in Ontario Bunkie

Lori and Bryan sent us some nice photos and awesome comments about their Envirolet waterless self-contained composting toilet bunkie installation in Parry Sound, Ontario.  Read their comments below:

"Hi Envirolet readers:
5 years ago (or so) our family built a bunkhouse at our cottage in Parry Sound, Ontario.
Due to the fact that it is built on rock and cannot support a septic bed in that area, after much research and deliberation we installed a grey water system and decided on purchasing an Envirolet Self Contained system.  This unit is surprisingly easy to clean, operate and maintain.  It is amazingly quiet, but most importantly, the heaters and fans in this unit ensure that there is never any odor, and that the compost is easily disposed of. 
In those 5 years (or so), we have not had any difficulty or maintenance issues with our unit, and we're certain that if were in a position to purchase yet another composting toilet - Envirolet would most certainly be our brand of choice once again."
Lori and Bryan S.
Parry Sound, Ontario

Thanks for the comments, we really appreciate it!


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