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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Envirolet WSC in Ohio Camp

We received some wonderful comments and photos from our customer Richard in Ohio about his Envirolet waterless self-contained composting toilet camp installation.  He writes:

"I see on the internet that by sending in a picture of my Envirolet installed. I can receive a $50.00 credit, thanks but no thanks. I'm not interested in a credit because of you being so nice and so helpful. Thank you.

When I drew up the plans and built our retreat in the mountains (Crystal Creek Camp) nothing was thrown together or done second rate, but done as best as I could. I am sending some snapshots. As you will see some people have told me. "If Crystal Creek Camp isn't the most beautiful place in the world it comes in a damn close second."

If your company would like to use any of these  pictures for promotion they have my permission because of your help.  They can quote me.  "Nothing was done second rate including the bathroom, I did a lot of study and found Envirolet is the best and that's why it is in Crystal Creek  Camps' bathroom."

Thanks again,
Richard D.

Thanks for the comments, we really appreciate it!


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