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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Envirolet we love you!!"

We received some awesome comments and photos from Ed in Ontario about his Envirolet Low Water Remote System installation. The first sentence says it all: "Envirolet we love you!!" Read it all below.

“Envirolet we love you!!

Eight years ago we bought a cottage in what is called an environmentally challenged area. The place had a great location close to the water and near town BUT all the neighbors had outhouses. The problem was low elevation and high water table making septic systems out of the question.

I searched the internet and found Envirolet. We checked it out at the Toronto Cottage Life Show and were sold.

Installation was EASY and PRETTY QUICK ( like 6 hours !!!!!). We had a very small bedroom/bunk room that we could squeeze in a toilet, shower and small vanity . The Envirolet low water toilet went in no time and we just set the outside unit on a few patio tiles and ran an extension cord to it. That night was bliss. No going out in the middle of the night to use the outhouse!!!!!!!!

The next morning I realized that we had added thousands to the value of our cottage for very little work and helped the environment by doing away with the outhouse.

As you can see we have built a small shed over the outside part and everyone thinks it is a garden shed.

We have had no problems with this system and it is soooo easy to maintain.”

Sincerely, Ed W. Ontario

Thanks for the photos and testimonial, we really appreciate it!


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