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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Envirolet in BC Cabin

Thanks to Lyn and Brad for their photos and testimonial about their Envirolet MS10 waterless composting tolet system in British Columbia. They write:

"Our family has a cabin at Sproat Lake, outside of Port Alberni, BC.

After much consideration (and taking into account, 'my' fear of things that go bump in the night), "Envirolet" proved to be the answer to the long trek in the dark, up the hill to the outhouse.

We have included a picture of the shower-shed, and also a picture of one of the uninvited guests that frequent our property. The bears are so silent and appear when you least expect them. This year the bears are especially active along the lakeside, as the lake is home to a large run of Sockeye Salmon come into the lake for spawning - the run was counted at 800,000 fish. 'Buffet' is open!"

Lyn and Brad S.

Thanks for the wonderful photos and testimonial, we really appreciate it!


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