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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Envirolet BP in New Mexico

Some nice words and photos from Leon in New Mexico about his Envirolet Basic Plus (Non-Electric) waterless all-in-one composting toilet system installation.


Attached is my testimonial [see below] and pictures from the installation of my new Envirolet composting toilet. It states simply and honestly my feelings. As you can see from my testimonial, privacy is an integral to a simple life and I ask that you respect that by not using my identity in any public venue. Thank you,"

New Mexico

Attached testimonial:

"During the past several years my goal has been to protect my simple lifestyle through Emergency Preparedness. I live in the high dessert of New Mexico where potable fresh water continues to be a very precious resource. In a recent article, it was estimated that New Mexico has only a ten year supply of fresh potable water remaining. Yet, construction continues, and this declining resource must be shared by more and more people.

I live alone and enjoy a life of voluntary simplicity. And yet, I find that I must do more to protect my way of life. This is precisely why I installed the Envirolet Waterless Self-contained Basic Plus Non Electric composting toilet. Where I live, if the electric grid goes down so does my water supply. The communal well pump is electric and there is no generator or backup storage.

I started my research on composting toilets with Envirolet based on the recommendation of a friend. I read their informative catalog, the installation and operating manuals and the testimonials posted on the Internet from customers who have purchased the self- contained unit. I used Google to widen my search but ended where I started with Envirolet. I also called Tech Support with questions not answered elsewhere.

I have also recently added a stand alone photovoltaic solar system and a second independent source of heat should the natural gas supply be interrupted. I am really serious about Emergency Preparedness.
My Envirolet composting toilet satisfies my two Emergency Preparedness requirements of (a) being independent of the electric grid and (b) reducing my personal consumption of a very precious natural resource."

Thanks for the wonderful photos and testimonial, we really appreciate it!


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