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Monday, January 23, 2012

Envirolet Waterless Remote in Vermont - "LOVE IT!"

Bill and Mary in Vermont were kind enough to send some photos and comments about their Envirolet Waterless Remote Composting Toilet System… and they "LOVE IT!"  They write:


SOooooo we decided, after a lot of research, to go with the Envirolet.  AND LOVE IT!  NO smells…. LOOKS normal (even when you lift the lid).  Our house guests have had no problems.  I have a cute little canister with the daily mix and signs on how to put two scoops a day 'down the hatch'.  Along with signs on using the tp.

Toilet itself is on the second floor with the base directly below on the first floor in the utility room.  Again, no smells.  I have a tassel on the rake bar with another note on how to give it a couple pulls once a day.

Bill and Mary Ann K.

Thank you for the wonderful photos and testimonial, we really appreciate it!


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