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Friday, July 11, 2008

Envirolet in Greenburg Project

BUZZ WORD An Envirolet® Composting Toilet System is part of the Greensburg, KS re-building project. The project is to help re-build Greensburg, KS after a May 2007 tornado destroyed almost the entire community.

Architectural Review explains more about what happened and the re-building project:

“This Sunday, May 4, [2008] marks the one-year anniversary of the EF-5 tornado that destroyed most of Greensburg, Kansas. As part of a town-wide green initiative, students from the state’s two architecture schools are lending a hand in helping residents rebuild using sustainable design principles and techniques.

University of Kansas architecture professor Dan Rockhill’s well-known Studio 804 is working with the nonprofit Greensburg Art Center to develop Sustainable Prototype, a versatile prefabricated building that deploys multiple passive and active sustainable design techniques. Meanwhile, a group from Kansas State University is dotting the small city with 10-foot pods – a project called Greensburg Cubed – that promise to educate locals about the ecologically responsible design to which municipal leaders have committed in a variety of high-profile announcements.”

The project is being document on Planet Green’s television show, Greensburg. The show is executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. Of note, this is the second involvement by Envirolet® with Planet Green. Envirolet® filmed an episode of the new Bill Nye show, Stuff Happens.

Envirolet in Greensburg

Envirolet in Greensburg

An Envirolet® was supplied by Sancor Industries Ltd. (at no cost) to help with the project. The advanced composting system is being placed in the “watering can” cube (or pod).



Some features of the “watering can” other than the Envirolet® Composting Toilet System include:

• exterior cladding - reused aluminum newspaper press plates
• hot water - evacuated tube hot water heating system
• shower - Evolve shower head
• interior cladding - reused chalk boards from KSU campus
• doors - salvaged french doors from remodel project in the area
• decking - Tendura, wood fiber and recycled plastic composite decking, purchased used from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Kansas City
• window - the window above the sink is created from glass bottles mortared together like glass block
• roof / skylight - Polygal, a corrugated, slightly insulating polycarbonate
• tile and countertop - Enviroglas recycled glass
• structure - Structurally insulated panels

More photos and info to come soon!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tip to Save Toilet Paper!

As we all know, less is better. Especially, when we are talking about adding toilet paper to a composting toilet system. Well, Current Configuration has this in mind with a fun post about how to save toilet paper! And, the solution is super easy! According to them all you have to do is position the paper over vs. under on your tp holder and you will save paper…



Read the full post for the “science” behind this.

Via Current Configuration via TreeHugger.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Envirolet in Antarctic at E-Base 2041

Envirolet® can be installed anywhere! Now it’s in the Antarctic!

There is a great video testimonial showing two waterless Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems in use in the Antarctic at the E-Base 2041 camp. E-Base is a cool project that sent a team to the Antarctic to live on renewable and clean energy.

Envirolet® helped provide the sanitation and is described in the video as their “prized possession.” It was installed in a sturdy tent structure called the “Scott Tent.”

Watch the video now.

Video still showing Envirolet® in the bathroom tent.

More About E-Base

Following his success in removing 1,500 tons of rubbish from Antarctica and with the foresight and support of the Russian Antarctic Division, Robert Swan stood at the Bellingshausen Russian base on King George Island looking down on the beach that had been cleaned. From that moment he believed that an education station in Antarctica, where the world could see the beauty of this incredible continent, would inspire and educate people around the world about climate change and play a crucial role in promoting renewable energy, preservation and conservation for future generations.

Since 2003, Robert Swan and the 2041 team have taken over 150 people from 25 nations to Antarctica. Each year these teams have contributed to the design and construction of what would be known as the E-Base.

The E-Base serves as a model for educational, environmental and energy issues. Its purpose is to inspire a global audience to tackle the issue of climate change. It shows that if we can achieve the seemingly impossible in Antarctica, then we can all take small, achievable steps in our own backyards.

The E-Base is located at Bellingshausen Station, a Russian Antarctic station at Collins Harbor on King George Island, the largest of the South Shetland Islands, located at 62°12’S, 58°58’W.

Via E-Base web site.

We love seeing Envirolet in use! Send us your photos, video and comments!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Envirolet at IDS08, Part 3

We first wrote about IDS08 on Friday when we posted a quick video. As promised, here are some of the photos from the Envirolet® installation at the Sarah Richardson’s My Country design, part of designLIVE feature at IDS08.

An Envirolet® composting toilet system was the perfect choice to handle sanitation in a sustainable and environment-friendly manner, two goals of the overall designLIVE project. This particular model uses only 0.5L of water per flush.

Envirolet at IDS08
Sarah Richardson’s My Country home design where the Envirolet® is installed.

Envirolet at IDS08
The Envirolet® in the bathroom.

Envirolet at IDS08
Lindsay, Tommy and Natalie from the Design Inc. team.

Envirolet at IDS08
The Envirolet® in the bathroom. You can see the flush switch on the wall. This Envirolet® flushes with only 0.5L of water.

Envirolet at IDS08
Envirolet® brochures in the bathroom make for some interesting reading material.

Envirolet at IDS08
Envirolet® on the sponsors sign.

Envirolet at IDS08
This way to see the Envirolet®.

Envirolet at IDS08
More at designLIVE.

Did you see Envirolet® at designLIVE at IDS08? Tell us.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Envirolet at IDS08, Part 2

Another quick post to show another video of Envirolet® at IDS08. This video is a walk-thru of part of the home ending in the bathroom. Look for the Envirolet® composting toilet!

One more post to follow with photos.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Envirolet at IDS08

An Envirolet® VF™ composting toilet system is part of Sarah Richardson’s home design for designLIVE at IDS08 (Interior Design Show) in Toronto. The show runs this weekend at Exhibition Place.

Sarah Richardson is the star of HGTV’s Sarah’s House and Design Inc.

We have more photos to come, but for now here is a quick video of the Envirolet®.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Envirolet on New Bill Nye Show for Discovery’s Planet Green

An Envirolet® composting toilet recently traveled to Los Angeles for an appearance with on a new television show that will air on Discovery’s upcoming Planet Green television network hosted by Bill Nye.

Bill Nye is of course most famous as Bill Nye the Science Guy. He has made several appearances on many other tv shows, including Living With Ed, another green show hosted by his neighbour and good friend Ed Begley Jr.

The new show is called Stuff Happens but we do not have any concrete dates as to when it will begin airing. Stuff Happens follows Bill as he investigates how to be more green in your home room-by-room. Envirolet® was the perfect product to highlight green sanitation.

While we wait for the show, we thought we would share some photos from the shoot day.

Envirolet on set

Envirolet on set

Thursday, January 3, 2008
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